The Karachi Strategic Development Plan (KSDP) 2020 described 16 objectives for transport sector, among which following are linked with this project:

  • Provide safe and efficient mobility for people and goods,Improve public mass transportation system, targeting affordability and convenience,
  • Strengthen existing transportation infrastructure and services by considering various alternatives,
  • Evolving a comprehensive transportation plan development and modeling to address vehicular traffic, public mass transportation (bus line and rails based), parking to provide for development of roadway and public transport/mass transit infrastructure development priorities for long range,  andDevelop transport infrastructure to support planned land use changes, especially strengthening links between Central Business District (CBD) and polycentric commercial center nodes.

The Study for Karachi Transportation Improvement Project (KTIP), 2009-2012, JICA, proposed a transport sector master plan up to the year 2030, in which the public transport polices focus on mass transit system such as:

  • Mass transit system should provide higher services than existing buses in order to satisfy the need of such transit system and promote modal shift from private mode to public one, and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) should be introduced on major roads.

The Transport Master Plan prepared under the KTIP, 2030 project by JICA proposes the revitalization of Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) on modern lines, 2 Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) lines (Blue and Brown Lines) and 6 BRT lines (Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Aqua and Purple).

Green Line is one of the busiest corridors proposed by JICA and is planned to connect with Orange Line BRT at Board Office Chowrangi, KCR near Board Office, Blue Line near Gurumandir, Red Line BRT near Mazar-e-Quaid and Yellow Line BRT near Numaish in Saddar.

Green Line and Blue Line systems share the same corridor on M. A. Jinnah Road from Gurumandir to Municipal Park and connect the population centers to the city center.

ing the existing transport system.

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